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ISEMAR, Applied Research Centre in Maritime Economics

ISEMAR is an independent research centre and think tank dedicated to the study of world maritime and port industries. Our studies, publications and seminars are recognized in Europe and are addressed to professionals (shipping companies, shippers, forwarders, port companies, shipyards, etc), academic researchers and journalists. Valuable and updated information in the field of maritime economics can be found on our website



Nantes - Saint-Nazaire - Region Pays de la Loire, where are located major maritime actors: the Port of Nantes Saint Nazaire, one of the main French Ports, and STX Europe St Nazaire unit, the largest European shipbuilding Company.

Missions & Activities

Research promotion and information about shipping and port, consulting, conferences and seminars, periodical publication (Synthesis Notes), press articles, training in maritime economics.


Region Pays de la Loire, City of Nantes, City of Saint-Nazaire, Council Department of Loire Atlantique, Port of Nantes Saint-Nazaire users association (UMNP), Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Nantes and Saint-Nazaire, University of Nantes.

Synthesis Notes and Maps

Since 1997 a detailed work of analysis concerning important stakes of the maritime and ports sectors (10 per year, free access on line, available in French, many quotes in the press). Ex. Lloyd List Daily


The bulk market (2005), Economics and environmental management in estuary ports (2004), Safety and security - economic stakes on shipping industries (2004), Short sea shipping in Europe (2003), Strategy in container handling sector (2002). Perspectives for French Ports (2001), The cruise market (2001).